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What is MPS (Managed Print Service)?

MPS is the management and optimization of document output devices and related business processes. MPS is a program designed to help customers optimize their printing needs for their organization.

There are two parts of managed print management, business processes and print output devices.

  1. Business processes control who can print what, where, when, within an organization
  2. Management of the print output devices (printer, copier, fax, etc.) can be monitored and optimized external to the organization.

Mikan is a provider for the second aspect of MPS, management of the output devices.

The first step in MPS is to install a CPM (cloud print monitor) on the customer’s network or computer. The CPM collects data multiple times each day from all print output devices in the organization. The CPM is open software and viewable to the company’s IT group. Information is collected regarding the status of each output device, including toner level(s) and device status. From this data, the program builds history on each individual device

With this data, Mikan is able to manage the customer's print supply needs and requirements. After two to three months of data collection, the MPS program will calculate the number of days remaining in all of the equipment's consumables. Toner and other consumables are then delivered prior to the device running empty. Delivered product is noted when installed in the customer's device. The customer no longer needs to have hundreds or thousands of dollars in stock, or an employee ordering consumables.

Maintenance and service alerts are also generated with MPS. From these alerts, the customer's IT group or Mikan’s service personnel are alerted that repair or general maintenance is required.

The customer also has access to the status of their organization’s output devices, and can look up any output device to check status at any time. Standard monthly reports as well as customer specific reports are also provided.

MPS software also identifies under and over utilized equipment, which allows equipment to be shuffled to obtain full wear usage and investment of each device within the organization.

Once history has been established and devices optimized, additional MPS contract options may be pursued, such as adding service, repair and maintenance and CPP (cost per page) purchasing.

Interested in MPS? Contact Mikan at mailto:[email protected], and request an MPS consult.