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Quality Compatible Toner Cartridges Since 1990

Mikan has manufactured it’s own brand of compatible imaging supplies since 1990. Our engineering background and experience in procurement manufacturing and quality engineering at the IBM Corporation, enabled Mikan to produce outstanding products from day one. We incorporate the following to ensure that our customer’s needs and requirements are met or exceeded:

  • Qualification and on-going component testing of all supplier parts
  • Detailed manufacturing process steps for all products
  • In process QC (quality control) checks
  • Thorough employee training
  • On-going education and employee evaluation
  • Comprehensive final testing on all finished product
  • Spot analysis of used empty cartridges to ensure customer is receiving the full product benefit
  • Achieving product performance and reliability goals within 1% of OEM
  • Complete analysis of customer returned problem cartridges to determine the exact failure mode, if any (50% of returned cartridges are empty or there is no found failure)
  • Continuous quality improvement by utilizing the failure analysis data to improve the manufacturing process and/or component selection
  • Maintaining employee stability and expertise throughout the organization, by providing employees fair wages and outstanding benefits
  • Mikan employees believes in the motto "It's about customer service" and work to deliver it