Green Purchasing & Recycling


Small changes in the way you order can produce big changes in the environment. 

Here are just a few ideas to help you save time, money and purchase a bit greener:


Buy Locally.  For our Southeast Michigan customers, Mikan Corporation is located in Saline, MI.  Our Akki products are remanufactured in our Saline facility minimizing transportation cost for finished goods.  Our staff delivers our products, eliminating the need for additional packaging materials and/or transportation costs.  Not to mention, you’re supporting the local economy!


Buy High Yield.  Many cartridges now come in standard and high yield.  High yield cartridges save resources in both packaging and core plastics.  They also save you time in replacement, shelf space and cost per page.  For HP toners, look for the X version.


Recycle your empty cartridges.  Just give our drivers what you’d like to recycle.  By consolidating pick up with delivery you are not only saving time, but fuel use and carbon emissions as well.


Consolidate ordering. If possible, accumulate orders for 3 or more cartridges before placing your order. You’ll save natural resources in documentation and delivery associated fuel and emissions.


Close The Loop.  Of course we all know by now that recycling and buying recycled is important.  At Mikan Corporation, we recycle cardboard, Styrofoam, aluminum, steel  and cartridge cores.  We also work with other companies around the country to recycle products we don’t remanufacture.


Other Options. Contact Mikan – we can suggest other energy and departmental saving options, like our auto-stock program or MPS Program.


Making these changes can have a dramatic affect.  Make an even bigger affect by telling a colleague.  Going green doesn’t have to be painful or costly - with Mikan Corp it’s easy.


For our neighbors in Washtenaw County - Not a Mikan Corp Customer but still want to recycle your empties?


For our neighbors in Washtenaw County - If you don’t order from Mikan Corporation, please collect 10+ empties, then email [email protected] to request an empty pickup. 


Limited on space?  Mikan Corp can put Toner Cartridge Recycling Boxes in your building or department for ease of use – contact us for boxes.  We’ll work with your department’s needs to create the best recycling plan for you.